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how I feel when my favorite song comes on xD

Which car do you like More? Camaro or Mustang?! TELL ME NOW PEOPLE xD

Mmmmm, that sexy Camaro~




Here is the Youtube Video…



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hi all dazzy here. 

autumn asked me to post this to let you know that she needs a little time to herself. which is the reason if she does not come on over the next day or so. no need for concern. i wont say much here in case i say something she dont want me too. but she did ask me to tag someone here so here it is :iconjalioswilinghart:
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  • Watching: Cars (2006)
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Camaro Girl
United States

Lovable Mustang Mom~
:iconrachelm3: Who is Also :iconmorgan980: OH MY FREAKING GOD, SHIT CHICK IS THE BEST PERSON I HAVE EVER MET!She is the best mom i have ever met in my whole lie! She is very funny, amazing, kind, sweet and super caring. She makes my day when i get to talk to her all the timE! Yes. she might be a Mustamg Girl. but i dont care at all! SHE IS THE FREAKING BEST PERSON EVER!!! :happybounce:

:iconfairytaillover789:~ this girl is really amazing, funny, and fun to talk to! She really means a whole lot to me, and it would kill me if i lost her as a dA daughter.
:iconeeliac:~ OMFG!!!!! This girl is too amazing! This girl is too funny, where i die of laught too many times xD she is also very sweet girl too. I have none her for a year or so, i dont remember xD i think i met her before i met JaliosWilinghart.
:iconfriodda:~ ths girl is really fun to hang out with, she really is an amazing daughter to me. Her BF ( Jonh) is also like a son to me. I am thankful that i have met both of them :)

:iconthatoneboyonthissite: This guy right here is an amazing, dear friend of mine, and it would kill me if i lost him as a friend. he means a lot to me.
:iconscottman23: This guy right here is an amazing car friend of mine.HE is really a funny, sweet and kind guy x3.

Real Family~

Older Borther~
:iconchaoslord-777: This guy right here is really amazing, fun, and funny guy. He is really caring, and really loving to me. Heis litteraly like a brother to me. I cant live without him at all. Love you Brother!!
:iconbonnieswag1987: Oh, this guy! THIS GUY IS MY MARIPLER BROTHER!!!! YUUUUSH

Camaro Brother~
:iconadamscamaroz28: I honestly dont know him too well. but he is a really caring and amazing Camaro Brother! We boh love Camaros as you can see. Who Doesnt love Camaros. x3 He seems like he really cares for me, which makes me happy/

Older Sis~
:iconsweet-as--honey:~ this girl right here is very amazing! i mat not really talk to her as often as i used to, but she means a lot to me.

Lovable Ford Sis~
:iconcyndertheshadow15: This girl is too fun to hang out with. she is very amazing and funny xD. I like our little war Ford vs Chevy War. She really means a lot to me. and who ever tries to mess with her, i will Truck you up so badly o.o

Autobot Sister~
:iconskrillexia-tf: TRANSFORMERS ARE THE BEST! ok, i have no idea why i just said that, but this girl right here i have mone for a few years now because of transformers xD

Camaro Buddy~
:iconmary-the-speed-bird:~ What can i say, i find the best people omlime xD Even Camaro people, like her. She is one of the best, taltened Camaro Buddy EVER!!!!! She is very sweet, kind, caring, anf fun to talk to!

:iconegoak:~ He will always be my uncle. i have none him longer than i have nome anyone on here on dA. He is a very nice, sweet, funny Uncle i have. Hemeans the whole world to me. He has been helping me through my depression for years now. I kmow we never talk since we have been busy, but he means the world to me.

:iconstalliondesigns: OH MY GOSH!!!! This guy i have none for the loooongest time, probably a liitle longer than Egaok. Gino means to much for me. It would kill mt id I ever lost him as an Grandpa! He gives out the best advice, too kind to me. Love you Grandpa! :hug:

Real Friends~

Super Close Friend~
:icondazkrieger: Dazzy is the closest friend i have here on dA. He means the world to me still. I know i broke up with him, but i still care for him and we are still friends with me, which makes me happy. It would litteraly kill me if we never talk to each other any more. He has been helping me through my depression for some time now. Please dont ever leave my side Daz.

Best Car Friends~
:iconpatyler1: I really dont talk to him much, but when i was. He seemed like a really nice, caring car friend. He loves to be finding people who are bullies online, and taking care of those people by reporting them.
:iconseanthecarspotter: i just give up with my Game Called "Guess this Car" since he a;lways guesses them, and gets the right answer. UGH!! He is a very nice friend to have. who is very caring, and all those fancy, rich cars he takes pics of. Im Jelly x3

Chevy Friend~
:iconchevylover4ever: THIS PERSON CAN MAKE ME CRY OF LAUGHTER EASILY!!!! She is too funny of a girl, who is alwso very caring x3. She is a very fun person to hang out wit..

Dear Friend Of Mine~
:iconsilvermustanggt: She is a very fun, amazing and talented person. I honestly am glad that i have met her, ans she means a lot to me. Her art is so amazing to look at. Thank you Mustang for being my friend :hug:

Accounts~ :iconkitt-girl::iconimadeyoureadthishaha:

69 Camaro Stamp by AmericanMuscleV8Chevy Camaro Stamp by EmeraldSoraLogo: Chevrolet Camaro by TheStampKingLogo: Chevrolet Bow Tie by TheStampKingCamaro-GirlZl1 Stamp by PATyler1Skype user stamp by Ice-In-HeartFacebook user stamp by Ice-In-Heart

My Amazing Icon Was Made by the One and Oly :iconhimesara84:

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